Portabella wraps make for a nice light lunch or light dinner. They’re super simple too! The sweet caramelized onions and crumbly & salty feta are perfect when wrapped up with meaty portabellas. I like serving them with salsa and one of my new favorites, pretzel chips! If you’re …

March 22, 2019

For me, quesadillas are comfort food. Maybe it’s because my roots lie in the south, but whatever it is, they never fail to hit the spot. The best ones are crisp on the outside and have just the right amount of cheese. Too much and the whole thing …

March 19, 2019

I love using chicken sausage in place of pork sausage. It’s lighter in fat and still tastes absolutely delicious! I use Trader Joe’s (obsessed) brand of chicken sausage in this recipe. It’s pre-cooked so I just brown it a bit in the pan. If your sausage is not …

March 15, 2019
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Hi, I’m Blair, the cook, writer and photographer at MLYFOOD! I blog because I like to eat, and I like to share the things I make.
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